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How do I clean my Oven/Range/Stove?

There are many strong cleaning products designed to clean standard ovens. However, many oven cleaners are dangerous when they come in contact with your skin or eyes. Wear rubber gloves, and protect your eyes while cleaning. Don't breathe the spray mist or the fumes. Avoid dripping the cleaner on any surfaces other than those it is intended to clean. Carefully read and follow the manufacturer's instructions when you use a commercial oven cleaner.

When you clean a traditional oven, protect the heating elements, oven wiring, and thermostat from commercial oven cleaners with strips of aluminum foil.

Many stoves are equipped with self-cleaning or continuous-cleaning ovens. A self-cleaning oven uses a pyrolytic, or high heat, system to incinerate oven grime, creating a powdery ash. A continuous-cleaning, or catalytic, system eliminates small spatters through the porcelain-enamel finish on the oven liner, which absorbs and spreads soil to promote cleaning at normal temperature settings. Large spills must be wiped up; they will burn and may permanently stain the oven surface. Dust continuous-cleaning ovens weekly and self-cleaning ovens after the cleaning cycle, using the dusting attachment of your vacuum to remove dried food particles or ash.

Stove Cleaner
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Cooktop Protectant Polish By Whirlpool 31463A

CODE: 31463A

List price: $15.36

Our price : $10.63

You save: $4.73 (31%)

Cooktop Protectant By Whirlpool 31463A


To make clean up fast and easy, whirlpool Cooktop Protectant provides a protective barrier to help repel spatter, spills or stains. The protectant is perfect for all types of glass, porcelain and ceramic cooktops. The advanced, patent pending chemistry of Cooktop Protectant will not build-up or discolor. The protective finish can easily replenished to keep surfaces like new!


  • Use with any manufacturer cooktop
  • Use this Cooktop Protectant as STEP 2 after Using the Cooktop Cleaner as STEP 1 to Shine and Protect Your Glass, Porcelain or Ceramic Cooktop
  • Provides a Protective Barrier to Repel Splatter, Spills, or Stains
  • Makes Clean-up Fast and Easy
  • A Single Treatment Lasts for Weeks
  • Concentrated Formula is Applied Sparingly to a Dry, Clean Cooktop
  • Will Not Build-up or Discolo
  • 8 fl. oz. Bottle



    Grate & Drip Pan Cooktop Cleaner by Whirlpool 31617A

    CODE: 31617A

    List price: $8.69

    Our price : $5.49

    You save: $3.20 (37%)

    Grate & Drip Pan Cleaner by Whirlpool

    Whirlpool grate and drip pan cleaner is a mildly abrasive cleaner that removes calcium, mineral deposits, rust, lime scale, soap scum, grease, food spills and stains. Use it freely in kitchen, bath and around the home.


    Heavy Duty Degreaser for Ranges and BBQ By Whirlpool 31552A

    CODE: 31552A

    List price: $15.63

    Our price : $9.79

    You save: $5.84 (37%)

    Heavy Duty Degreaser for Ranges and BBQ By Whirlpool

    Whirlpool Heavy Duty Range and BBQ Grill Degreaser quickly cuts through grease, oil and burned-on spills. Will not harm burners, grates or spill pans. Great for those greasy vent hoods and filters. Try Whirlpool Heavy Duty Degreaser on the BBQ Grill and other tough outside cleaning jobs.

    Safe to use on burners, grates, drip pans, grills, vent hoods and filters to quickly clean up grease splatters. Just spray on, let stand for 1 to 2 minutes, scrub and rinse. Rubber gloves recommended. 16 fl. oz. Whirlpool


    Ceramatop Cleaner 5305514077

    CODE: 5305514077

    List price: $5.96

    Our price : $3.89

    You save: $2.07 (35%)

    Out of stock

    Ceramatop Cleaner cleans Glass/Ceramic cooking surfaces, stainless steel & porcelain sinks, tubs & tile. Use Ceramatop on Chrome, Copper and brass. Ceramatop is specialy-formulated for use on hot ot cold surfaces.

    Cooktop Cleaning Care Kit By Whirlpool 31605

    CODE: 31605

    List price: $15.63

    Our price : $10.63

    You save: $5.00 (32%)

    Cooktop Care Kit by Whirlpool 31605

    Finally a breakthrough in cleaning! The Whirlpool Cooktop Care Kit protects all Cooktops surfaces. It helps repel Water, Soil, Stains, Spills, Grease, and Cooking Oils for easier, lessrigorous cleaning.


    - Provides everything you need to clean and protect glass cooktops

    - Includes 10 oz bottle of cooktop cleaner, 4 oz bottle of cooktop protectant, and cleaning pads


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